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Johnny Handle
(provisional - dates & CD numbers to follow)

Handle with Care
Mauretania March, Going to the Mine, All over the Place / Braunston Locks, The Skagen Waltz, The North Country Maiden, Just Six o'clock / The Moonshine Polka, The Beech Tree, Gypsy Rose Rag, Doon the Steps on a Frida, Tricky Charlie, The Hexham Mart, Flash in the Pan / Mealy the Moose / Getting away in Third, Around at the Corner House, Jan's Birthday Jig/Johnson / The Sharp Lowse, Malvern Swings, The Blackberry Bank / The Difficult Fish, Guard yer Man Weel, Oh! Lass divven't grow up / The Pine Grove Waltz / Miss Anna of Carrsgate, Sunny Winter Sunday, Forster Charlton & his cat / Wind on the Fell, Baby in the Bath / The Fiddler's Stepladder

The Land where the Fells meet the sky
The Hexham Horseman / The Birkey Burn, The Clocker, The January Lamb, Follow the Country Code, The Early Morning March, The Hexham Mart, Kestrel is King, The Butcher's in My Yard Now, Down on the Farm, Swaletown, The New Forest Pony / Whareham Dragonflies, The Odd'n, The Land where the Fells meet the Sky, Valentine Dance of the Ash Keys, Geordie Brown, Duckwalk / Spooky Mist / Striding out on a Sunday Morn, Halty Saterday, The Failed Shepherd, The Wild Wind / Spring Fever

Down in me own backyard
Danny's, The Fearless Mariner, The Cat and the Hoover / Kitten Mitten, Cat up a Tree, Jack Crawford, Sunderland Oak, Is there owt Secure?, The Owld Pubs, Schooldays, All Roads to Whitby, Midnight Whitby Harbour, Decoratin', The Dancy Waltz / My December Rose / The Gateshead Flower Show, Ode to the Leek, Drinking at your Leisure, The Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade, Down in Me Own Backyard, The Day at the Coast

The Collier Lad
The Collier Lad, The Stoneman's Song, Now Aa've had me Trainin', The Shearer, Farewell to the Monty, A Tap on the Heed, Old Man of the Village, The New Spotlight, Hard Times in '71, Durham Big Meetin' Day, Dust, Nasty Dorty Pit, Going to the Mine, Stottin Doon the Waal, How much?, The Union is my Song, Guard yer Man Weel, Too Short or Too Long, A Lemington Keel, A Collier Brig, I'm Looking for a Collier

Old & New Geordie Songs for Kids
Adam Buckham, Billy Boy, Dolia, AU me Hinny Burd, Tally IO the Grinder, Bobby Shaftoe, Doon the Waggonway, A Pennyworth of Pins, Still I Love Him, We went along a bit further, The Harrin's Heed, What'll aa do wi' me feet?, Freddy the Clown, The Long Summer Days, The Pet's Song, Penny for the Guy, Down on the Farm, Mr. Bonkle, Riding in my Car, The Troll

A Good Line of Patter
Old Man of the Village, The Monty, Canny Aad Gateshead, Forster CHarlton & his cat, Guard Yer Man, Let your man out for a pint, Is there owt secure?,
Hard Times in '71, Bonny Lass, divvent grow up yet, Nasty Dorty Pit, The Union is my Song, Going to the Mine, Teesdole, Now Aa've had me Trainin',  Here's to the bottle, A good line of patter, Heather's Tune, First Schooldays, The Lass is sair troubled, Matty, Ne Ripples on the WAtter, Hexham Highway, The Black Haggs, The Computer, The Odd'n, The Wind on the Fell, The Wingein' Wife, The Hang Glider and the Shepherd, The Beech Tree, The Great Australian Dancer, The Baker Day, Come to the Briny Ocean

Six of the Best
After the Valentine, Whistling Rufus, London Blues, The Rag of '98, Tiger Rag, Winin Boy Blues, Free Spirits, Georgia Cakewalk, Make me a pallet on the Floor, Gypsy Rose Rag, Original Rags, 2.19 Blues, Malvern Swings, Summer Sensation

Redesdale Hornpipe / The Boys of North Tyne, Billy Boy, Caa Hawkie, Dance te yer Daddy, The Penker, Bellingham Boat / Hexham Races, Bobby Shaftoe, Byker Hill, Corn Riggs / Blaydon Races. Adam Buckham, The Keel Row, The Keel Row / Sweet Hesleyside, The Waters of Tyne, Bonny North Tyne / Canny Tyneside, Broom Besoms, Cushie Butterfield, Me laddie sits ower late / Andrew Carr, The Herrin's Heed, Keep yor feet still, The Last Rose of Summer, Derwentwater's Farewell, The Lambton Worm, Morpeth Rant / Whinham's Reel, Blaydon Races

All the above are available at his concerts, £10 each;
or direct from 15-16 Wood Terrace, High Spen, Rowlands Gill
Tyne & Wear NE39 2AQ

The Northumbria Anthology MWMSPCD 31/50 
More info:

This is a 20 CD set produced by MWM, and sold by Windows of Newcastle upon Tyne. It includes many other artistes in varying styles, including a few historical tracks such as recordings of Catcheside-Warrington.

Only tracks credited to Johnny are listed here:

I Drew my Ship into a harbour, The College Valley Hunt
32: The Canny Shepherd Laddies o' the Hills, Rothbury Races
33: The Collier Lad, The Auld Rag Shop
34: In Our Town, The Hexham Mart, The Country Schoolmaster, King Crispin
35: The Day we went to the Coast, The Lost Coble, The Herrin's Heed, The Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade
36: Johnny the Plashetts Caller, Bellingham Show
37: The Roman Waal Show, The Shootin o' the Crows, Halty Saterday
38: Yer Gannin to be a Keelman
39: Adam Buckham
40: Farewell to the Monty, Superstitious Sally, School Days
41: A Good Line of Patter
42: Drunken Bella Roy, Stottin doon the Waal, The Owld Pubs
43: Canny aad Gateshead, He's got them on the Run, The Bobby Cure
44: The Old Man of the Village, The Winlaton Cockfight, Danny's, Dust
45: Bob & Bet, Pedom's Oak
46: The Tyneside Tattoist, The Pit
47: The Sunderland Oak, The Conductress
48: Durham Big Meetin Day
49: Kilhope Moor
50: A Change is as Good as a Rest, Song of Thornaby, The London Piece


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