High Level Ranters
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Topic Label
Northumberland forever
TSCD 483 Track listing on LP page
The Bonnie Pit Laddie TSCD 486 Track listing on LP page
The Northumbrian Smallpipes (compilation)
TSCD 487 Track listing - HLR tracks only:
King's Hall/John of Carrick, Fenwick of Bywell,
Proudlock's Hornpipe/Hesleyside Reel, Coilsfield House/Tom's March,
The Surprise (The Carrick Reel), Hexham Quadrille/Kielder Fells
Along the Coaly Tyne
TSCD 498 Track listing:
The Anti-Gallican Privateer, The Collier's Rant, Up the Raw,
Farewell to the Monty, The Blackleg Miners, The Collier Lad,
Dollia, The Waggoner, Derwentwater's Farewell,
Stottin' doon the Waall, Keep yor feet still, Geordie Hinny,
The Stoneman's Song, Aw Wish Pay Friday wad Come,
Durham Big Meeting Day, The Trimdon Grange Explosion,
The Putter, Sair Fyeld Hinny, Dance to yer Daddy,
The Lass Doon on the Quay, The Kielder Hunt,
Elsie Marley, Stanley Market
Tommy Armstrong TSCD 484 Track listing:
Durham Gaol, The Row between the Cages, The Birth of the Lad,
Marla Hill Ducks, Oakey's Keeker, The Durham Lockout,
Wor Nanny's a Maizor, The Oakey Strike Evictions,
The Sheel Raw Flood, The Hedgehog Pie,
The Ghost that Haunted Bunty, The Skull Board Man,
The Trimdon Grange Explosion, The South Medomsley Strike
The Iron Muse (compilation)
TSCD 465 Track listing - HLR tracks only:
The Sandgate Girl's Lament/Elsie Marley, Doon the Waggonway,
A Miner's Life, Aa'm Glad the Strike's Done.
Other tracks also include individual members of the band
Common Ground Label
English Sporting Ballads
CMBCD 002 Track listing on LP page
Gateshead Revisited
CGRD 005 Track listing  on LP page
MWM Label
Northumbrian Journey CDSP 58 Track listing:
Ye're Gannin' Te Be A Keelman, Sunderland Oak, The Tyneside Tattooist
Danny's, The College Valley Hunt, Superstitious Sally, Drunken Bella Roy
I Drew My Ship Into A Harbour, Johnny The Plashetts Caller
Alwinton Show, He's Got Them On The Run, Halty Saterda' Morn
The Hexham Mart, The Roman Waall Show, In Our Town
The Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade, Adam Buckham
The Auld Rag Shop, Kilhope Moor
The Northumbria Anthology CDSP31/50 The only track credited to HLR in this 20 CD set is:
The Canny Shepherd Laddie of theHills. Many other tracks are by Johnny Handle
Carrsgate Label
Alang the Roman Waal
Car 010
Track listing:
Gilsland Hornpipe/Upper Denton Hornpipe, Halty Saterday, The Roman Wall Show, The Cardhu/Whinshields, Alang the Roman Waal, Stagshaw Bank, The Buck of Kingwatter, The Waal, Bessie in Mask, Hindley Steel, Haltwhistle Fair, The Warksburn Waltz/Gunnerton Fell Cuddy, The Other Side of the Waal, Crag Lough/The Back Road, The Five Wives of Acomb, The Waters of Tyne, The Black Bottle, The Beech Tree/The Blackberry Bank/The Difficult Fish
HLR Label
Bridging HLR01 Track listing:
Bellingham Boat/The Fiery Clock Fyece/Hexham Races, Spirit of the Border/Harry's Rant,
A U Hinny Burd, Roslin Castle/XYZ/Fogabella, Swedish Waltzes, I drew my ship into the harbour,
Coulgrave Sound/Robertson's Reel/Willafjord, Felton Lonnen, The Border Widow's Lament,
Arthur's Seat/Laura Andrew, The Water of Tyne, Gypsies' Lullaby/Raylees,
The Neighbours doon Belaa, The Duke of Fife's Welcome to Deeside/Maggie Lauder/The Queen's Welcome to Invercauld

Members of the band may also be heard individually on the following CD's:

Spirit of the Border NIMBUS NI 5615 Colin Ross 1999
Northumberland Rant SFW 40473 Colin Ross 1999
Wind in the Reeds Topic TSCD 529 Jim Hall & Colin Ross 2000

 and there is also a separate discography for Johnny Handle


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